February 16, 2017

Warner Delegate to UNCITRAL Secured Transactions Project

Professor G. Ray Warner served as a delegate of the International Insolvency Institute at raythe UNCITRAL Working Group VI meeting at the United Nations this past week (week of February 13th). Working Group VI is completing a model law of personal property security interests designed to harmonize national laws on the subject and encourage cross-border investment.

February 16, 2017

Wade Presents at the Annual Review of Insolvency Insolvency Law

Professor Cheryl L. Wade will present The Foreclosure Follies, an original work written by


Cheryl Wade

her, members of the law faculties at the University of British Columbia, and other Canadian jurists at the opening reception of the Annual Review of Insolvency Law in Montreal.

February 9, 2017

Sovern Speaks to Thirteen Hundred in Webinar and is Quoted by Politico

Professor Jeff Sovern was one of two guest speakers at a Ballard Spahr webinar on the presidential election’s impact on consumer financial services. Some 1300 people attended the program. More information is available here.


Jeff Sovern

In addition, Politico’s Morning Money newsletter quoted Professor Sovern concerning § 1054(b) of the Dodd-Frank Act.  The article is available here.

February 7, 2017

Warner Heads Panels at Penn Law Conference

Professor Ray Warner will head two panels at the rayConference on International Coordination of Secured Transactions Law Reforms held at the University of Pennsylvania on February 9 & 10.  Professor Warner’s panels will explore how the World Bank Group and regional development banks design and implement secured credit law reforms.

January 31, 2017

Subotnik Presents at Chicago Intellectual Property Colloquium

Last week, on Tuesday January 24th, Professor Eva Subotnik presented her work on postmortem copyrights at the Chicago Intellectual Property Colloquium, which is a seminar series co-sponsored and co-hosted by Chicago-Kent College of Law and Loyola University Chicago School of Law.


Eva Subotnik

The Colloquium, described here, “invite[s] six nationally renowned intellectual property scholars to Chicago to present and discuss their current research projects before intellectual property faculty from Chicago-area law schools, prominent intellectual property practitioners, and selected students from Chicago-Kent and Loyola” during a two-hour presentation. Professor Subotnik’s presentation, facilitated by Skype, discussed issues that surround dead-hand control by authors and the role played by copyright successors. Links to Professor Subotnik’s work can be found here.

January 19, 2017

Sovern Writes About Consumer Protection in the Trump Administration in NY Times DealBook, Speaks About it at ABA Webinar

The New York Times DealBook published Professor Jeff Sovern’s column, Trump Faces Stark Choice: Protect Consumers or Banks, on January 18. The first and last paragraphs read:

President-elect Donald J. Trump will soon face a stark choice: whether to protect consumers, the ordinary Americans he pledged to defend against a system he criticized as rigged — or to side with that system.


Jeff Sovern

* * *
If Mr. Trump chooses not to preserve a strong, independent bureau that protects consumers, he will have enabled his opponents in four years to attack him not only for failing to live up to his rhetoric, but for having become the leader of what he once condemned.

On January 17, Professor Sovern spoke in an ABA Section on Antitrust webinar titled Consumer Protection in a Trump Administration.

January 13, 2017

DeGirolami Presents at Yale Law School Conference

Professor Marc DeGirolami is presenting a paper today at a conference at Yale Law School titled, “Faith, Sexuality, and the Meaning of Freedom.”  Marc DeGirolami


Professor DeGirolami’s paper, “On Article XI of the Treaty of Tripoli,” will become a chapter in a book written by the conference presenters.

January 9, 2017

Wade Presents at AALS

Professor Cheryl L. Wade was a panelist on the Plenary Program for the Socio-Economics Section’s extended program at the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Schools on January 4th, 2017.


Cheryl Wade

The program’s title was Exploring Law and Economic Issues Faced by Real People in Social Context.  Professor Wade’s presentation was entitled “The Future of Corporate Governance: How Do We Get from Here to Where We Need to Go?”

December 16, 2016

Cavanagh Presents Paper at Antitrust Division Seminar

On December 14, 2016, in Washington, D.C., at the invitation of the Department of Justice Antitrust Division, Professor Ned Cavanagh presented his article, Matsushita at Thirty: Has the Pendulum Swung Too Far in Favor of Summary Judgment?, at the Antitrust Division’s Seminar on Competition Law.  Cavanagh_hores

The article is forthcoming in the Antitrust Law Journal and generated a lively ninety minute discussion at the seminar.

December 6, 2016

Barrett Lectures in Buffalo, Jamestown, Washington & Newark

At the conclusion of this 70th anniversary year of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Professor John Q. Barrett recently gave four major lectures:

· On October 28th, he was a panelist at an Erie Institute of Law program, “The Nuremberg Trials 70 Years Later: Legal Ethics & the Holocaust,” held in Buffalo, New York. The moderator was Buffalo attorney and former New York State Bar Association president Vincent E. Doyle, III, and the other lecturers were U.S. District Judge Lawrence J. Vilardo (WDNY), Associate Judge Eugene M. Fahey (New York Court of Appeals), Professor James G. Milles (University at Buffalo School of Law), and Ambassador (ret.) Howard W. Gutman. For audio of most of Professor Barrett’s lecture, “The Nuremberg Trials & Justice Jackson’s Role,” click here. For video of the panel Q&A following the individual lectures, click here.


L-R: Prof. Barrett, Prof. Milles, Amb. Gutman, Judge Vilardo, Judge Fahey & Mr. Doyle

· On the following evening, Professor Barrett participated in 15th anniversary events at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown, New York. Following rededication of the Justice Jackson statue outside the building, presentation of a Jackson bust, and remarks by various speakers including Tanja Beyer of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, New York City, Professor Barrett delivered a lecture, “The Nuremberg Trial: Seventy Years & Forward.” For video of the program, click here; Professor Barrett’s lecture begins at the 18:00 mark.

· On November 10th, Professor Barrett gave a lecture, on Justice Jackson and the Nuremberg trials, to United States Holocaust Memorial Museum staff in Washington, D.C.

· On November 21st, Professor Barrett delivered a lecture, “Justice Jackson & the Nuremberg Trial,” at the New Jersey Judicial College, a statewide annual meeting of New Jersey’s jurists, held this year in Newark.

Professor Barrett is biographer of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, U.S. chief prosecutor at and principal architect of the 1945-1946 Nuremberg trial of the principal Nazi war criminals. Professor Barrett also writes The Jackson List, which reaches many thousands of readers—scholars, teachers, lawyers, Judges, students, and lifelong learners—around the world.

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