Baum Lectures on Victim and Witness Trauma and on Working with Adolescents

Associate Professor Jennifer Baum, Director of the Law School’s Child Advocacy Clinic, together with Elissa Brown, Professor of Psychology at St. John’s University, presented a training for the Queens County Bar Association on May 29, entitled “Creating a Trauma Informed Legal System.”  The session presented facts and statistics about trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder,  and identified points during the litigation process where attorneys and judges might reduce harm to victims and witnesses who must testify.  

 Professor Baum also presented a workshop on essential interviewing skills for professionals who work with adolescents.  The June 5 workshop was offered to Family Court judges, practitioners, and child welfare staff as part of a New York State Court Improvement Project symposium at New York Law School, concerning  adolescent well-being.  Training materials from the symposium are available here.

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