St. John’s Faculty Workshop: Matthew Bruckner

St. John’s Fall Faculty Workshop Series begins on Monday September 17 with Matthew Bruckner, a Research Professor at St. John’s. Matt will present his paper Virtue in Bankruptcy. Here is the abstract:

This article offers a new positive theory of bankruptcy law based on virtue ethics. Virtue ethics is one of the three major schools of moral philosophy, and is rooted in the philosophy of Aristotle, among others. Virtue ethics appears to offer a better account of bankruptcy law than competing theories for at least two reasons. First, both virtue ethics and bankruptcy law are focused on concerns such as fairness and justice that underlie common notions of morality. Second, virtue ethics’ decision-making process appears comparable to how bankruptcy judges decide cases, particularly where the bankruptcy court’s equitable jurisdiction or discretionary powers are implicated. Other theories have failed to provide an adequate positive theory of bankruptcy law and this article seeks to fill that gap.

The workshop begins with lunch at 12:45 P.M. and will run until 2:00 P.M. You can find the full schedule of fall workshops here.

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