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May 15, 2013

Nelson on Lawyers of Color’s List of Minority Professors Making an Impact

Professor Janai Nelson was named to the Lawyers of Color’s 50 Under 50 list of minority professors making an impact in legal education.  The list is published in LOC’s “The Law School Diversity Issue”  which was released today.

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May 15, 2013

Warner Named Course Leader by INSOL International

The world’s largest international insolvency organization, INSOL International, the International Association of Restructuring Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals, has named Professor G. Ray Warner course leader of its Global Insolvency Practice.  To be eligible to take the course, practitioners must have at least five years of practice and experience in transnational cases.  The course  includes training in the insolvency regimes of major nations and the international insolvency law that applies to cross-border cases.  Students who complete the course become Fellows of INSOL International.



May 15, 2013

DeGirolami’s Book, The Tragedy of Religious Freedom (Harvard University Press), Now Available

Professor Marc DeGirolami’s book, The Tragedy of Religious Freedom (HarvarImaged University Press), was released on earlier this week (official publication date June 1).  The Tragedy of Religious Freedom analyzes the First Amendment religion and explores more general questions about the relationship of legal theory and legal practice.  

Here’s an excerpt from the Harvard University Press webpage about the text:

When it comes to questions of religion, legal scholars face a predicament. They often expect to resolve dilemmas according to general principles of equality, neutrality, or the separation of church and state. But such abstractions fail to do justice to the untidy welter of values at stake. Offering new views of how to understand and protect religious freedom in a democracy, The Tragedy of Religious Freedom challenges the idea that matters of law and religion should be referred to far-flung theories about the First Amendment. Examining a broad array of contemporary and more established Supreme Court rulings, Marc DeGirolami explains why conflicts implicating religious liberty are so emotionally fraught and deeply contested.

Twenty-first-century realities of pluralism have outrun how scholars think about religious freedom, DeGirolami asserts. Scholars have not been candid enough about the tragic nature of the conflicts over religious liberty—the clash of opposing interests and aspirations they entail, and the limits of human reason to resolve intractable differences.

Here’s what two noted law and religion scholars have said about the text:

The Tragedy of Religious Freedom is a first-rate contribution to the law-and-religion conversation. This conversation—how to think about, and how to effectively protect in law, religious freedom in a constitutional democracy—is a lively and timely one, and DeGirolami is an impressive participant.”—Richard W. Garnett, Notre Dame Law School

“A sophisticated and thoughtful book, which offers fresh insights on a central question of religious liberty.”—Philip Hamburger, author of Separation of Church and State

Congratulations, Marc.  Look out for upcoming events for The Tragedy of Religious Freedom on this blog.MDG PHOTO

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