Christian Science Monitor Quotes Crimm on IRS-Tea Party Investigation

In an article headlined Tea party investigation: Is the problem the IRS or the tax code?, the Christian Science Monitor quoted Professor Nina Crimm. Here’s an excerpt:

But some experts are skeptical that Congress will do much to fix the system that underlies the current IRS scandal, even if they do manage the long-shot feat of a sweeping tax overhaul sought by Baucus and Representative Camp.

“How much of the code, if any, is really going to be tackled?” Crimm asks. “And is this something that this Congress wants to tackle in terms of the tax exempt area?”

“My suspicion is that a lot of them might not see fit to tackle this area,” she says, because picking a campaign-finance fight amidst an already difficult slog to paring back the nation’s tax code is probably a bridge too far.



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