Sovern Cited in “Financial Justice: The People’s Campaign to Stop Lender Abuse”

In a new book about the enactment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  Financial  Justice: The People’s Campaign to Stop Lender Abuse, authors Larry Kirscsh and Robert N. Mayer cite a campaign led by Professor Jeff Sovern and Hofstra’s Norman Silber.

The text states in relevant part:

[Seventy-four] legal scholars–led by Jeff Sovern and Norman Silber–sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to create a consumer financial protection agency. . . .  [Their] message was clear: the CFPB was the right way to correct past mistakes that had undermined the country’s financial stability ‘and toward a better future for consumers and the nation.’

A full copy of Professor Sovern’s letter can be found here.


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