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July 17, 2013

Nelson Pens Huffington Post Essay on Trayvon Martin Case

Professor Janai Nelson has written Finding Justice for the Trayvons of the World for the Huffington Post. In it, she observes that “the Trayvons of the world remind us of how painfully far we remain from the ideal of equality for all, but also of the universal, human interest to continue its pursuit.”

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July 17, 2013

Gregory Quoted in New York Times

Professor David Gregory was quoted in today’s New York Times in an article headlined Vacancies and Partisan Fighting Put Labor Relations Agency in Legal Limbo.  The quote appears in the following paragraph:

“The situation we’re seeing now is really unprecedented,” said David L. Gregory, a professor of labor law at St. John’s University. “There was a period of chronic vacancies that was as much the fault of the Democrats as the Republicans. But we really haven’t seen a showdown like this in modern history.”


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