Salomone Essay “The Rise of English in Academe – A Cautionary Tale” in University World News (London)

Rosemary Salomone, Kenneth Wang Professor of Law, published an article, “The Rise of English in Academe – A Cautionary Tale”,  in University World News (London).  In this piece, she uses a recent regional court decision from Italy to explore the legal issues and policy challenges facing Italian and French universities in particular as they increasingly move toward using English as the language of instruction.  Professor Salomone explains,

Driving the debate over English are three related forces: the articulated need among European universities to remain competitive in recruiting students; the expressed concern among faculty members to remain relevant in the growing stream of scholarship conducted in English; and the increasing interest among students in expanding their options in a flagging job market where English proficiency carries considerable weight.

The full article may be found here.

Rosemary Salomone

Rosemary Salomone

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