Fannell Quoted in USA Today on Cyber-Bullying in Tennis

Jeff Fannell, Adjunct Professor and Deputy Director of the International and Comparative Sports Law Program at St. John’s School of Law, was quoted yesterday in an article on cyber-bullying in tennis in the online edition of USA Today.  On the obligation of sports regulators to intervene to prevent this conduct, Professor Fannell opines

[i]f a player does go on social media what comes with it unfortunately is you are going to have some good and you are going to have some bad. I don’t see how the governing bodies have any obligation to police it. They are free to do so if they desire, but I don’t see that they have any obligation for something that is purely voluntary on the part of the individual player.

He adds,

I think most associations and leagues take player safety seriously and take all reasonable measures to protect players. What is reasonable may change if the circumstances change, and certainly knowledge of cyber-threats against a player alters the calculus.

For the full article, click here.

jeff fannell

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