National Law Journal Reports on Sovern’s Research

The National Law Journal reported on Professor Jeff Sovern‘s article, Law Student Laptop Use During Class for Non-Class Purposes: Temptation v. Incentives, 51 University of Louisville Law Review 483 (2013), in a story titled Laptops Found More Likely to Distract 2Ls and 3Ls in Class.  The report quoted both from the article and from an email interview with Professor Sovern.

The article quotes Sovern’s reaction to his findings and their relation to the current debate on the length of law school as follows: “I was surprised and disappointed at how many upper-year students tune out.  Those arguing that law school should be only two years may find support in the findings that many upper year students are not engaged during doctrinal classes. But the study sheds no light on the value of small seminars or skills courses.”

The Legal Skills Prof Blog also posted an item about Sovern’s article, in which it noted that the article had “generated a lot of buzz.”


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