Borgen’s Next Installment on the Peace Palace at 100

St. John’s Associate Dean for International Studies Professor Borgen‘s next installment on the Peace Palace at 100 is now available at Opinio Juris here.  This third installment, titled, Peace Palace at 100: Great Powers and Common People in a Century of War and Peace, discusses the work of Bertha von Suttner, an influential author and peace activist and the only woman to attend the Hague Conference of 1899.  Professor Borgen also notes the relevance of her work and others’ to the development of peaceful interstate dispute resolution then and now.  In particular, Professor Borgen writes:

It may seem strange to celebrate the centennial of the Peace Palace when today’s great powers are at odds over what to do in the face of carnage in Syria.  Whether public opinion is—or even should be—taken into account in such decisions of “high politics” is also at issue.  But it is in exactly such circumstances that we do well to remember the circumstances surrounding the construction of the Peace Palace and its institutions.

Earlier posts on Professor Borgen’s installments in this series can be found here and here.


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