Barrett Lectures on “New Yorker” U.S. Solicitors General

On Friday evening, October 25, 2013, Professor John Q. Barrett delivered a lecture, “New York Greatness in the History of Solicitors General of the United States,” to a full house in the Meeting Room at the New York City Bar Association.

Professor Barrett’s lecture opened a program, “Learned in the Law:  The Role of the U.S. Solicitor General … a New York Point of View,” co-sponsored by the Supreme Court Historical Society and the Historical Society of the New York Courts.

Following Professor Barrett’s lecture, Jeffrey Minear, Counselor to Chief Justice Roberts, moderated a panel of three former Solicitors General:  Justice Elena Kagan, Paul D. Clement and Drew S. Days, III.

The program was recorded and should be broadcast soon on C-SPAN and available online.

John Q. Barrett

John Q. Barrett

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