Chiu Presents New Article on Social Media, the Disclosure of Personal Information and Protecting Women

On Friday, March 28, Professor Elaine Chiu participated as a panelist in the Social Media & Social Justice Symposium hosted by Pace Law Review at the New York State Judicial Institute in White Plains, New York.  Her paper entitled, Personal Information Involuntarily Made Public: Protecting Women with Existing Practices, was selected to be part of a panel that discussed the need for greater government intervention in regulating and supplementing social media.  Professor Chiu presented on her proposal to create a domestic violence database that would identify serial batterers to the public.  This proposal was the subject of her article entitled, That Guy’s A Batterer: A Scarlet Letter Approach to Domestic Violence in the Information Age, that was published in the Family Law Quarterly.   In this presentation, Professor Chiu emphasized the importance of such information-sharing by the government in light of the high numbers of people using social media to form romantic relationships and the lack of verification of the voluntary information shared in these media.  Professor Chiu also noted that the information that people tend to disclose in social media is incomplete and often misleading and that there may be valuable lessons to be drawn from the well-established system of individual credit histories we use to protect lenders and our credit markets.   Her new paper will be published in the summer issue of the Pace Law Review.

elaine chiu

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