Lazaro Quoted Several Times in New Issue of FA Magazine

Professor Christine Lazaro was quoted in two articles in Financial Advisor (“FA”) Magazine this month discussing the FINRA Christine Lazaroarbitration process.  The magazine’s cover article, “Resolving Client Disputes,” discusses the securities arbitration process at length.  Professor Lazaro commented on the similarities between arbitration and court litigation:

“As cases get bigger, arbitration begins to look a lot like the litigation process,” says Christine Lazaro, director of the Securities Arbitration Clinic at St. John’s University’s School of Law. “There aren’t as many of the traditional benefits that arbitration generally offers in terms of reduced costs and timeliness. Cases are taking a fairly long time, and they’re going to be expensive.”

The second article, “FINRA Streamlines Arbitration Process Online,” touches on the mandatory nature of the FINRA arbitration process.  In commenting on the perceptions of the parties to FINRA arbitration, Professor Lazaro observed: “It really depends on whether you win or you lose….If you’re on the losing end, the process feels pretty unfair.”

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