Barrett Lectures on the Nuremberg Trials

John Barrett

John Barrett

Professor John Q. Barrett has, in this 70th anniversary year of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, given a number of recent lectures regarding the Nuremberg trials:

  • On October 9th, he spoke on “Justice Jackson, Communicating the Nuremberg Trial: Prosecuting the Nazis Before the Eyes of the World, 1945-1946,” at the Council of Chief Judges of the State Courts of Appeals annual conference, held in East Rutherford, New Jersey;
  • On October 16th, he spoke on “The Rule of Law at Nuremberg, 1945-1946 (and Its Lessons for Today),” at Canada’s National Judicial Institute Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba Education Seminar, held in Winnipeg;
  • On October 21st, he delivered a keynote lecture, “The 70th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials: What Happened Then and Why It Matters Now,” at Daemen College in Buffalo, New York; and
  • On November 3rd, he spoke, on the Nuremberg trials, at a Museum of Jewish Heritage professional development program for hundreds of New York City teachers.

Professor Barrett is biographer of U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Nuremberg chief prosecutor Robert H. Jackson (1892-1954) and writer of The Jackson List.


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