Professor Subotnik’s Article Reviewed in Jotwell

Professor Eva Subotnik’s article, Artistic Control After Death (forthcoming in the Washington Law Review), has just been reviewed by Professor Jessica Silbey on Jotwell: The Journal ofThings We Like (Lots).


Eva Subotnik

Professor Subotnik’s article addresses the topic of the postmortem enforceability of artistic instructions issued by authors before death, taking into account the interests of authors, their living successors, and the public.  Professor Silbey concludes her review by saying that “Subotnik’s contribution enriches these debates and should guide future policy in this area.”

You can read the review at

One Comment to “Professor Subotnik’s Article Reviewed in Jotwell”

  1. Very nice. She’s right about you but wrong about Watchman, which is excellent and true in all the ways that Mockingbird, charming though it is, is not. (My review!)

    Professor John Q. Barrett
    St. John’s University School of Law
    (718) 990-6644

    “Jackson List” archive site (searchable):

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