Recent Lectures by Professor Barrett in Poland, Germany, Pennsylvania, Colorado & New York

Professor John Q. Barrett recently participated in the following:


John Barrett

· On July 16, he met students in Creighton University’s summer law school program, From Nuremberg to The Hague,” in Krakow, Poland, and guided their visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum.

· On July 18 & 19, he led discussions and lectured those students during classes in Nuremberg, Germany, and guided their visit to the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds there.

· On July 20, he gave a public lecture, “Obama, the Supreme Court and the Presidential Election,” at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Nürnberg.

· On September 7, he gave a lecture at the Philadelphia Bar Association, hosted by its Federal Courts Committee. The topic was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson’s 1947 hiring of Temple Law School student James M. Marsh to be Jackson’s law clerk. This is the subject of a chapter that Professor Barrett wrote in the recent book, OF COURTIERS AND KINGS: MORE STORIES OF SUPREME COURT LAW CLERKS AND THEIR JUSTICES (Todd C. Peppers & Clare Cushman, eds., University of Virginia Press, Dec. 2015) (click here for the chapter abstract).

· On September 12, he gave the plenary keynote lecture, “Justice Jackson and the Nuremberg Trial: Rule of Law Lessons in this 70th Anniversary Year,” at the Colorado Judicial Conference, held in Vail, Colorado.

· On September 16, he was the Constitution Day speaker, on the topic of Presidents and the Constitution, at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum in Hyde Park, New York. This program included discussion of the new book, THE PRESIDENTS AND THE CONSTITUTION:  A LIVING HISTORY (Ken Gormley, ed., New York University Press, 2016), in which Professor Barrett wrote the chapter on President Hoover.

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