Cunningham’s Article Cited by Connecticut Supreme Court

Vice Dean Larry Cunningham’s article, Appellate Review of Unpreserved Questions in Criminal Cases: An Attempt to Define the “Interest of Justice”, was cited favorably by Justice Richard N. Palmer’s concurrence in State v. Bellamy, a decision of the Connecticut Supreme Court.


Larry Cunningham

The case concerned whether Connecticut appellate courts should consider challenges to jury instructions when no objection was made at the trial court level. Justice Palmer’s concurrence was joined by Justice Andrew J. McDonald. Dean Cunningham’s article is the leading one to discuss the ability of appellate courts to review unpreserved claims on appeal. The articles articulates a framework by which appellate courts can analyze legal issues that are raised for the first time on appeal. Dean Cunningham’s has previously been cited by the highest courts in Alaska and Mississippi. Dean Cunningham’s scholarship focuses on appellate practice, criminal justice ethics, and legal education. He is the author of a blog on assessment in law schools.

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