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May 4, 2017

Montana Presents in Legal Writing Institute’s Global Legal Writing Skills Webinar

Professor Patricia Montana presented in the Legal Writing Institute’s Global Legal Writing Skills webinar on “Teaching Global Skills to International and U.S. Law Students” on May 1, 2017.


Patricia Montana

Professor Montana presented on the topic “Teaching A Variety of Lawyering Skills Using A Single Transnational Civil Litigation Problem,” based on her advanced writing course, which she designed to develop upper-level students’ lawyering skills in the context of transnational civil litigation. Her presentation discussed how designing a course around a single litigation involving a central international trade law convention and a well-developed set of facts can easily simulate the realities of law practice in the global market and thus benefit students tremendously. Her presentation walked through the course development, illustrated some design ideas, and explained the advantages of using a single litigation to tie together all of the assignments. The webinar was videotaped and will be available on the Legal Writing Institute’s website.

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