Borgen Presents at West Point, Cornell, International Law Weekend, US Naval War College

This past year CICL Co-Director Chris Borgen has given presentations at West Point and Cornell Law School about law and the political economy of conflicts with non-state actors such as ISIS, been a panelist at International Law Weekend on US diplomatic practice towards unrecognized regimes, and participated in a roundtable at the US Naval War College concerning the international legal implications of military space operations.  borgen

He has also spoken as a panelist at programs at St. John’s concerning the foreign policy agenda for the next American President (in October), and then, after the election, on the national security implications of President Trump’s executive order on immigration, and on the challenges of US relations with Russia in the Trump Administration. Professor Borgen continues to research and write about the interaction of international law, diplomatic rhetoric, and strategy in secessionist crises. His latest article, “Moldova and the Role of Law in Addressing Complex Crises in a Systemic Borderland,” will be in the forthcoming volume of the German Yearbook of International Law. He also has a book chapter entitled “Conflict Management and the Political Economy of Recognition,” in a forthcoming edited volume, “Complex Battlespaces.” He also continues in his role as a Co-Rapporteur for the International Law Association’s Committee on Recognition and Non-recognition and has been named to a multinational and multidisciplinary project drafting a “Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space.” This year Professor Borgen also became a member of the Advisory Board of the American Society of International Law’s Space Law Interest Group.

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  1. Well done Chris!

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