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June 22, 2017

Levine Presents at Crimfest/AALS Criminal Justice Section Meeting and Moderates at Criminal Law Roundtable at Columbia

Professor Kate Levine presented a working draft of her paper, tentatively titled “Discipline and Policing,” at the Crimfest/AALS Criminal Justice Section midyear meeting on June 13, 2017.   levine

The event brings together criminal law scholars throughout the country and at all stages in their career.  Kate’s paper focuses on the privacy/transparency tradeoffs of publicizing police disciplinary records and the potential lessons that can be drawn from this debate for the broader issue of publicizing the records of formerly incarcerated persons.

On May 4-5, 2017, Professor Levine also was an invited participant / moderator at the Criminal Law Roundtable, an invitation-only yearly event hosted at Columbia, Harvard, or Yale.  This year’s roundtable was hosted by Jeffrey Fagan, Bernard Harcourt, and Daniel Richman at Columbia Law School.


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