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July 12, 2017

Roth Speaks on Health Savings Accounts at Panel Discussion Hosted by the American Enterprise Institute and Televised on C-Span 2

Professor Lauren Roth was invited to serve as a panelist at the American Enterprise Institute’s event in Washington, DC, “Unbundling the benefit for better health: A broader role for health savings accounts.” Roth spoke about her paper titled “Redefining Medical Care,” forthcoming in the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, which proposes expanding the definition of “medical care” under the tax code to provide funding for the social determinants of health through health savings accounts (HSAs). C-Span 2 broadcast the discussion live, which can be accessed here.

Roth Headshot copy

On June 2, 2017, Professor Roth also presented an in progress work, tentatively titled “Paying for Good Health in the Pre-Medicare Population,” at the Health Law Professors Conference held at Georgia State University College of Law in Atlanta. The conference features presentations by health law and policy scholars who teach at schools of law, policy, medicine, and business, as well as policy experts from non-profit organizations and government. Roth’s project examines options to improve adherence to medical treatment plans among patients with a serious health condition – but only for those approaching Medicare eligibility. She will conduct a randomized and controlled experiment targeting subjects aged 50 and over using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and recently received IRB approval.

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