Barrett Lectures, Publishes, and Makes Media Appearances

Professor John Q. Barrett recently gave the following lectures:

· On May 4th, he delivered a keynote lecture, “The Rule of Law at Nuremberg and Lessons for Today,” at the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) Spring Education Seminar, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;

· On June 11th, he delivered the inaugural Milton Mann Lecture, on “The Nuremberg Trials,” at the Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County, in Stamford, CT;

· On June 23rd, he delivered the inaugural Alan Y. Cole Lecture, “Robert H. Jackson on Immigrants, Citizens, Power, & Liberty,” at a Robert H. Jackson Center conference on Immigration, Security, and American values, in Jamestown, NY—for video, click here; and

· On July 6th, he delivered a lecture, “Allies Among Allies: Justice Robert H. Jackson and His U.K. Colleagues on the Road the Nuremberg, 1945,” at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies’ Cambridge Lectures 2017, at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge, in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.


John Barrett

Professor Barrett also recently published the following:

· The Nuremberg Trials: A Summary Introduction, 39 Loyola Int’l & Comparative Law Review 336-50 (2017), an edited version of the keynote lecture that he delivered at a Nuremberg symposium in Krakow, Poland, in May 2016—for the full symposium proceedings, click here;

· On April 23, for Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), an op-ed piece, “Humanity’s March: From Nuremberg to Today,” in The Jerusalem Post; and

· A New Chief Justice in the Sight of His Predecessor: Stone and Hughes, Summer 1941, 42 Journal of Supreme Court History 202-08 (2017).

Professor Barrett, a former Iran/Contra investigation associate counsel and U.S. Department of Justice attorney, also has appeared or been quoted recently in various media regarding U.S. investigations of Russian efforts to interfere with the 2016 U.S. presidential election, former F.B.I. Director Comey, President Trump, Special Counsel Mueller, and related topics, including in The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, The Economist, Financial Times, The Atlantic online, The Los Angeles Times, TIME online, and on various CNN programs, National Public Radio, KPCC Radio, and the Voice of America.

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