Greenberg’s Essay Republished in Negotiation & Dispute Resolution eJournal

Professor Elayne E. Greenberg‘s essay “The Power of Empathy” was re-published in the Negotiation & Dispute Resolution eJournal vol. 18, No. 34 on July 17, 2017.


Elayne Greenberg

Here is the abstract:

Empathy is a powerful conflict resource that has a positive ripple effect on the neutrals, advocates and participants. For advocates, arbitrators and mediators who strive to ethically achieve the ofttimes elusive goal of objectivity, even-handed empathy toward both parties is an effective de-biasing tool. As a de-biasing tool, empathy helps us make better deals because we can then garner quality information less shackled by cognitive biases. For participants in a dispute resolution process, empathy enhances their perception of the legitimacy of the process and their esteem for our legal system as a whole. Empathy as a conflict resolution resource should be included in our work and our trainings.​

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