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August 2, 2017

Former Vice President Biden Includes Essay by Sovern, Calabrese, and Goldweber in His Podcast, Biden’s Briefing

Last month, The Conversation published an essay by Professors Jeff Sovern, Gina M. Calabrese, and Ann L. Goldweber, “Why we need to save the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Since then, the essay has been republished online by the San Francisco Chronicle,, and the New York Observer, among other outlets. Last week, former Vice-President Joe Biden included the essay in his podcast, Biden’s Briefing, which reports “What Joe wants you to know. Every day, Vice President Joe Biden looks to the news across the nation that’s sparking conversation, sharing the articles and opinions that he’s reading and might be of interest to you.”  You can hear the article read on Biden’s Briefing here.

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