Joseph Publishes Book with Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Professor Lawrence Joseph’s eighth book, and sixth book of poems, So Where Are We?, has been published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.  larry joseph photo

In early praise of the book, John Freeman, in Lit Hub writes, “Here is a 21st century Virgil, a guide to the wreckage we’ve made of enlightenment… Intimate, brave, outraged, hopeful; I’ve not read a book more for our times than this collection.”  John Hennessey, in The Common , writes that “Joseph is singular in American poetry. A pronounced poet-chronicler, a risk- taker and truth-teller… Joseph expertly combines images, ideas, and the  language of political economy, labor and capital, racism and war, with expressions of great beauty and physical and emotional intimacy…[ i]nfused with a fierce and uncompromising moral vision,” and, in The Millions, Nick Ripatrazone states that  “Joseph’s poems are necessary, immediate, somehow now and eerily ancient…Joseph has the care to document our present… the kind of poet who helps us parse the prophecies from the noise. ”  Anthony Domestico, in his introduction to  “Portrait of our Time: An Interview with Lawrence Joseph ” in Commonweal, concludes that So Where Are We? is a book that “combines formal excellence with an acute and prophetic moral vision, one of the best any contemporary American poet has written.”

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