Sovern Interviewed on CBS Radio and Quoted by The Intercept on the CFPB and Arbitration

KCBS radio interviewed Professor Jeff Sovern on October 25 on the Senate’s vote to block the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s arbitration rule.


Jeff Sovern

Anchorwoman Rebecca Corral​ described Sovern as an “expert in consumer protection.” In addition, The Intercept, in partnership with The Investigative Fund, quoted Sovern in an article titled “No Protection for Protectors” on attacks on the CFPB. According to the article:

The clash has grown only more intense since Trump’s election. Now most regulatory agencies are in the hands of Trump loyalists or former players in the financial industry. For the past five months, only the CFPB, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Fed were still run by Obama appointees. “It’s the nail that sticks up that gets pounded,” said Jeff Sovern, a consumer law professor at St. John’s University in New York.

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