Montana’s Article Selected for Publication in Legal Writing Institute’s Monograph Series

The Legal Writing Institute has selected Professor Patricia Montana’s article, Bridging The Gap in the Law School Classroom, to be published in Volume 7 of its Monograph Series.


Patricia Montana

The Monograph Series is an electronic journal published by the Legal Writing Institute on its web site. The Monograph Series reprints foundational articles on subjects that are important to the teaching and study of professional legal communication. Volume 7 of the series is an update to Volume 2, the New Teacher’s Deskbook. The updated New Teacher’s Deskbook will focus on topics important to new legal writing professors, including legal writing pedagogy, legal research, and legal writing careers.

Professor’s Montana’s article, Bridging The Gap in the Law School Classroom, was originally published in 2017 in Volume 45 of the Capital University Law Review. The article explores ways to close the gap in the reading skills of entering law students so that they can develop the competencies in legal reading, analysis, and writing required to excel in law school.

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