Sovern to Publish Article in Rutgers, Spoke at PLI and Hofstra, and Quoted in LA Times

Professor Jeff Sovern‘s article, Validation and Verification Vignettes: More Results from an Empirical Study of Consumer Understanding of Debt Collection Validation Notices​ (with Dr. Kate Walton and Nathan Frishberg), will appear in the Rutgers Law Review.  The article follows up on Sovern’s earlier article with Walton, Are Validation Notices Valid? An Empirical Evaluation Of Consumer Understanding Of Debt Collection Validation Notices, 70 SMU L. Rev. 63 (2017)​.


Jeff Sovern

On March 26, Professor Sovern spoke at the Practising Law Institute’s Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute on a panel titled The CFPB Under the Trump Administration: Where is it now and where is it going? On April 5, he spoke at Hofstra Law School. And on March 15, in an article headlined 56 years later, Kennedy’s call for a consumer bill of rights is forgotten under Trump, Sovern was quoted as follows:

“Overall, I would say things are better than they used to be,” said Jeff Sovern, a professor at St. John’s University School of Law in New York. “But under this president, the government is not keeping Kennedy’s commitment to protect consumers.”

He added: “I could imagine Trump first endorsing a consumer bill of rights, and then walking it back after he spoke to lobbyists and members of his administration, which unfortunately may be the same thing at this point.”

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