Barrett Lectures at W.D.Pa. Bicentennial & at ABA Hispanic Commission program

On June 1, Professor John Q. Barrett delivered a keynote lecture, “Courthouse Memories: Treasury Counsel Robert H. Jackson & the Trial of Andrew W. Mellon,” at the Bicentennial of the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, in its courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh. In 1935, in that building, Robert Jackson, then General Counsel of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, U.S. Department of Treasury, represented the government before the Department’s Board of Tax Appeals, ultimately successfully, in the government’s tax deficiency action against Mr. Mellon, of Pittsburgh. As Secretary of the Treasury a few years earlier, Mr. Mellon had been instrumental in bringing about the government’s decision to construct the building, and his name is on its 1932 cornerstone.

On June 28, Professor Barrett was a panelist in an American Bar Association Hispanic Commission program on Nuremberg lessons and current issues in immigration, held in New York City.

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L-R: Hon. Ernst Rosenberger (Stroock, Stroock, & Lavan, LLP), Marc Stern (General Counsel, AJC), Richard Foltin (Religious Freedom Center, Freedom Forum Institute, The Newseum), Prof. Ruti Teitel (New York Law School), & Prof. Barrett.

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