McGuinness Presents at Georgetown, Hosts New York International Law Review Symposium, Publishes Book Chapter

On April 6, Professor Margaret E. McGuinness spoke at a symposium at Georgetown Law School titled: “Recent Developments in Treaty Law and Practice,” that included council to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Margaret Taylor), State Department Treaty Office (Michael Mattler), as well as leading scholars, Harold Koh (Yale), and Jean Galbraith (University of Pennsylvania). mcguinnessShe presented her work on treaties in federalism (published in “Supreme Law of the Land,” (Cambridge 2018)) and commented on state and local responses to the Trump administration’s approach to treaties and other international obligations.

On April 13, Professor McGuinness hosted the 30th Anniversary Symposium of the New York International Law Review, in partnership with the International Section of the New York State Bar.  The symposium brought leading scholars and practitioners to the law school to address the theme “New York and International Law.”  The keynote address was delivered by the Assistant Secretary General for Legal Affairs at the UN, Stephen D. Matthias.  Professor McGuinness has been appointed to serve on the Advisory Editorial Board of the New York International Law Review beginning July 2018.

Later this year, Professor McGuinness’s book chapter, “Non-Recognition and State Immunities: Toward a Functional Theory” will be published in the collected work, “Unrecognized Subjects in International Law,” (Scholar publishers, Warsaw 2018).

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