Salomone Publishes Commentary in University World News, Quoted in Hechinger Report

Professor Rosemary Salomone‘s commentary, “The Dutch Court Defers Decision on English in Universities,” appeared in the July 27th issue of University World News.


Rosemary Salomone

The commentary maintains that a recent Dutch court ruling on English language programs at the University of Twente and Maastricht University is not the clear victory for universities teaching in English that some believe it to be. By deferring to the legislature and the minister of education, culture and science, the court has implicitly placed pressure on them to find a workable solution to a policy problem with broad implications for higher education and for Dutch society. Once the law is clarified and updated, the universities may still find themselves in court defending the “necessity” of these programs however newly defined.

Professor Salomone also was extensively quoted in an article in the July 20th edition of The Hechinger Report on “Girls-Only Trade Classes Are Spreading — Upending Stereotypes.” The article addresses the legality of such classes under the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IX regulations that Professor Salomone helped draft and which she believes demand revision to accommodate more young women being trained for traditionally male trades.


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