Di Lorenzo’s Article to be Published in Review of Banking and Financial Law and to be Presented at AALS Section on Real Estate Transactions

Professor Vincent Di Lorenzo’s article, “Fintech Lending: A Study of Expectations versus Market Outcomes”, will appear in the spring 2019 issue of the Boston University Review of Banking and Financial Law.  DSC_9579 (2)

Here is an abstract of the article:

This article documents the expectations for the fintech lending industry, which has emerged in this decade, and compares such expectations to market outcomes. It presents an evidence based analysis for policy making decisions. Part one of the article explores expectations – possible benefits and risks of fintech lending – through large-scale surveys and interviews of industry, consumer and government stakeholders. Part two of the article examines market outcomes – benefits and risks that have been realized or failed to materialize, as documented by studies of substantial data sets of various types of fintech loans. Benefits and risks examined include expanded access to credit, lower costs, predatory terms, fair lending risks, and lack of transparency. After comparing expectations and market outcomes, the article explores policy implications, particularly the implications for chartering of special purpose national banks by the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency.

In addition, Professor Di Lorenzo’s research on fintech lending will be presented at the AALS Annual Meeting at a program sponsored by the Real Estate Transactions Section on “Access + Opportunity + Choice: Housing Capital, Equity, and Market Regulation in the Trump Era.”

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