Klonick Organizes and Presents at COMO III and Numerous other Conferences

On Thursday, October 25, Professor Kate Klonick presided over and presented at “COMO III: Content Moderation and the Future of Online Speech,” a conference that she organized at St. John’s Manhattan conference.  klonick

The COMO III conference explored how online platforms create policy to moderate and remove user content posted on their sites, how they operationalize those policies, and how these policies affect the culture of online speech for individuals and new media.  Conference panelists included Jack Balkin (Yale Law School), Ben Smith (BuzzFeed), Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo), Steve Freeman (ADL National), Nabiyah Syed (BuzzFeed), Emily Bell (Columbia Journalism School), Casey Newton (The Verge), and others.

Over the past two months, Professor Klonick has participated in numerous other conferences and roundtables.  Some highlights include:  a presentation on content moderation practice to Congressional staffers at Georgetown University Law Center on August, 15; serving as a Google Fellow at the Privacy Policy Roundtable on September 13-14; moderating a panel for Databite No. 114: Mike Ananny and Tarleton Gillespie in Conversation on Content Moderation, at Data & Society on September 27;
speaking on content moderation at the SPEED conference at Cornell Tech on September 28-29; and serving as a panelist discussing censorship in the digital age at the University of Chicago on October 19.

Professor Klonick has published a seminal article, The New Governors:  The People, Rules, and Processes Governing Online Speech, 131 Harv. L. Rev. 1598 (2018), on these topics.

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