Sovern Authors Op-Ed and is Quoted in Media

On January 21, Professor Jeff Sovern published an Op-Ed about privacy issues at titled, “Congress should follow California’s lead in protecting consumers.”


Jeff Sovern

Here is an excerpt:

When it comes to these varied privacy problems, Congress has somehow managed to be both comatose and angry. Given its inability to respond nimbly in the rapidly shifting privacy arena, Congress should avoid hamstringing those who can. Any federal privacy law should preserve the power of states to protect consumers so states can continue experimenting and respond quickly to privacy challenges. Congress should also increase the FTC’s budget and give the Commission the power to issue regulations. Congress should follow California’s lead in obliging companies to tell consumers upon request what they know about them and what they do with the information. If Congress cannot help, it at least should not make things worse.

On December 17, a Politico newsletter quoted Sovern:

CRAPO PUSHBACK — St. John’s University Law School’s Jeff Sovern emails on the Senate Banking Committee and Deutshe Bank: “You quote Senator Crapo as saying the Senate Banking Committee does not investigate specific companies, but isn’t that exactly what the Committee did when, for example, it held hearings into the Wells Fargo unauthorized account scandal in 2016 and again in 2017, and into the Equifax security breach in 2017?”

A Consumer Reports article, “What to Expect From Class-Action Lawsuits Against Marriott” on December 5 also quoted Sovern:

You can opt out of a class action seeking damages. If you do, you’ll preserve your right to sue on your own, says Jeff Sovern, a professor at St. John’s University School of Law in New York. * * *

* * *  “Many consumers find it more of a bother to fill out the forms to get payment than the compensation is worth, depending on how much money they would receive,” says Sovern.

Finally, Sovern was also quoted in the Tampa Bay Times on August 14 in a story, “Ohio TV ad, Republican group misleads in attack on Richard Cordray’s tenure at consumer bureau.”

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