Wade to Deliver Keynote Address at Annual Review of Insolvency Law, Moderated Panel at AALS

Professor Cheryl L. Wade was invited to deliver the keynote address at the Annual Review of Insolvency Law in Montreal. The conference is sponsored by the University of British Columbia Centre for Business Law and the Allard School of Law. The title of her talk is “Foreclosure and the Subprime Market in the U.S. – Lessons of the Past Ten Years.” The conference agenda can be found here.


Cheryl Wade

Professor Wade’s keynote will focus on an article she is coauthoring with Dr. Janis Sarra, the UBC Presidential Distinguished Professor and Director of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies about the foreclosure crisis, predatory lending, and the drain of wealth from communities of color. The article is the culmination of two years of research and programs about the targeting of consumers of color and foreclosure in general. Professor Wade and Dr. Sarra traveled to Detroit, Baltimore, and New York to interview predatory lending victims. The stories of the interviewees were captured in a song written by a professional composer and songwriter who used the content of the interviews to create the song. Professor Wade also participated in performances that explored issues relating to foreclosure and global financial markets. Professor Wade was a part of the post-performance discussions led by the cast and creators about the global financial crisis of 2008 and the impact on investors, consumers, and communities in the decade that followed. Funding for travel for the interviews and the performances was provided by a generous grant from the University of British Columbia. You can access video of scenes from the performance along with the song entitled “Homes and Hearts” that will be used as part of a package of materials designed to inform the public about the impact of predatory lending on communities of color here.

In January, Professor Wade moderated a panel entitled Globalization, Sustainability, and Firm Cultures for The American Association of Law Schools Section on Economic Globalization and Governance at the 2019 AALS Annual Conference in New Orleans.

Last year, Professor Wade traveled to Oxford University to participate in a roundtable discussion entitled “Unintended Consequences”. The roundtable focused on the regulation of financial markets that was aimed at averting another global recession.

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