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March 12, 2019

Professor Sovern Speaks at Berkeley, Drafts Amicus Brief

Professor Jeff Sovern served as a discussant and facilitator at the inaugural Consumer Law Scholars Conference at the Berkeley Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice at the University of California—Berkeley Law School on February 21 and 22nd.


Jeff Sovern

He also was the principal drafter of an amicus brief filed by a dozen consumer law scholars in a Ninth Circuit case, Zabriskie v. Federal National Mortgage Association. Finally, he was quoted in a February 4 story in AdWeek, “As Businesses Prep for California’s Data Privacy Law, They’re Also Fighting to Change It,” as follows:

Jeff Sovern, a professor of law at St. John’s University, said businesses will have to change their website by Jan. 1 to create a way for consumers to ask for their data or opt out of having it collected. He added that consumers will also be able to ask for data from as far as a year back.

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