Klonick Presents at Stanford, UConn, Temple, UCLA, Colorado, Loyola-LA, Maryland and American Law Schools

During the month of March, Professor Kate Klonick presented her research at the Data Care Protection Act Workshop at Stanford Law School and discussed the Digital Democracy Deficit at the Nebrooklyn: Junior Law and Tech Scholars Workshop at the University of Connecticut Law School.


During the month of February, Professor Klonick served as a paper discussant at Temple Law School’s International Law Colloquium: Speech Across Borders.  She also presented her paper, Facebook v. Sullivan: Building Constitutional Law for Online Speech, co-authored with Thomas Kadri, at a program titled Is Social Media Broken? And Can We Fix It? at UCLA Law School, at a conference titled Internet Platforms’ Rising Dominance, Evolving Governance at the University of Colorado Law School, and at a faculty workshop at Loyola University Los Angeles.  Also in February, Professor Klonick spoke at a program titled Truth Decay: Deep Fakes and the Implications for Privacy, National Security and Democracy at the University of Maryland Law School.

In January 2019, Professor Klonick spoke at a Holocaust Remembrance Day event sponsored by TWITTER NYC, and presented her Facebook v. Sullivan paper at a faculty workshop at Washington Law School at American University.

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