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August 21, 2019

Klonick Obtains Research Grants, is Interviewed by NPR, WSJ, and NY Times, and Publishes in Slate, NY Times, and Lawfare

This June and July, Professor Kate Klonick received individual research grants from the Knight Foundation, Charles Koch Institute, and the MacArthur Foundation to support her continued research and writing on Facebook, AirBnB and Waze.
In addition, she was a named recipient on an institutional grant to study the “Digital Public Sphere” at Yale Law School Information Society Project and a named recipient on a project grant to study “Social Media and Democracy” at Yale University with Professor Molly Crockett.
In late June she and Evelyn Douek wrote pieces for Lawfare (“Facebook Releases an Update on Its Oversight Board: Many Questions, Few Answers“) and Slate (“Facebook’s Federalist Papers“) about Facebook’s Oversight Board. She also teamed with Professor Jennifer Daskal at American University’s Washington Law School to write a New York Times op-ed (“When a Politician Is Called a ‘Lousy Traitor,’ Should Facebook Censor It?“) about an anticipated ruling out of the EU against Facebook and free speech.
In addition, Klonick’s work was cited in testimony and reports in the Congressional Hearing Artificial Intelligence and Counterterrorism: Possibilities and Limitations on June 25. Interviews from Klonick or her work also appeared on multiple news outlets since June, including NPR: All Things ConsideredNPR: Morning EditionWall Street JournalBloomberg and the New York Times.
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