Movsesian Co-chairs Roundtable on Religious Liberty Cases, Speaks at Kings’ College, and Presents at Morningside Institute Conference

In September, Professor Mark Movsesian co-chaired the Center for Law and Religion’s roundtable discussion on recent religious liberty cases at the Supreme Court with US Circuit Judges Richard Sullivan and Kyle Duncan.


Mark Movsesian

He also gave the annual Constitution Day address at The Kings’ College in Manhattan, on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case and the broader conflict between anti-discrimination laws and religious liberty. In his address, Movsesian discussed the cultural and political trends that drive that conflict and the likely outcome in the courts.

Finally, Professor Movsesian presented a paper at a conference on “Church and State in a Time of Crisis,” sponsored by the Morningside Institute. Professor Movsesian’s paper addressed a recent California bill requiring clergy members to report to state authorities information regarding suspected child abuse, including information clergy members obtain during confidential spiritual counseling.

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