Joseph’s Work Praised in Law & Literature

An article on Professor Lawrence Joseph’s work, “The Substance of Poetic Procedure: Law & Humanity in the Work of Lawrence Joseph, Law & Literature,” by Frank Pasquale, Professor of Law at the University of Maryland, has been published in Law & Literature (Vol. 32, 1-46) .

larry joseph photo

Professor Pasquale concludes his article: “Joseph’s work is . . . a miraculously humane document mapping the predicaments of an age when dystopian nonfiction outstrips the imaginings of diehard pessimists. Joseph inspires us to try to preserve love, beauty, and justice against the depredations of capital and violence, while squarely acknowledging how challenging that task will be. His oeuvre ascends from the temporal to the spiritual, while remaining grounded in the deepest tensions and tragedies of our time. Joseph’s poems structure a sensibility: that as post-, anti-, pre-, in-, and transhumanism threaten and beckon, law, literature and humanity stand (and fall) together, grounding us in the greatness and limits of language and embodiment.”

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