Sovern Authors Short Essays on COVID Issues, Quoted in Media

Professor Jeff Sovern has recently penned several short essays on consumer protection issues arising out of the pandemic. On October 13, Bloomberg Law published his essay, Instead of Liability Waivers, Reduce the Spread of Covid-19. The Hill ran his piece, Should colleges be immune if they negligently infect students with COVID? on June 5. On September 7, the ContractsProfBlog featured his essay, Congress Should Outlaw Contract Clauses Waiving Liability for Negligently Exposing People to COVID as part of its virtual symposium on contracts and COVID.  

Sovern was also quoted by Bloomberg Law in an October 13 story, CFPB Readies Debt Collection Rules for Long Overdue Tech Update and by Front Office Sports on August 11 in Gyms Face Consumer Blowback Over Cancellations During Pandemic

Jeff Sovern
Professor of Law

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