Klonick Lectures, Teaches, Publishes, Testifies & Co-Hosts

In February, March, and April of this year, Professor Kate Klonick gave a number of lectures and panel presentations on her research on the Facebook Oversight Board, the growth of private governance structures, and the suspension of Donald Trump from the two biggest speech platforms in the world. These include but are not limited to:

  • Lex Informatica Symposium, Berkeley Law, Apr. 2021, Moderator
  • Regulating Social Media — How? When? Who Will Write the Rules?, Georgetown Law, Apr. 2021, Panelist
  • Frenemies of the Press, Yale Abrams Institute for Free Expression, Mar. 2021, Moderator
  • Social Media Governance & Content Moderation, Cardozo Law, Mar. 2021, Panelist
  • Antitrust Panel: Trump v. Twitter, NYU Law School, Mar. 2021, Panelist
  • Tech, Media and Democracy, Cornell Law and Cornell Tech, Mar. 1, Panelist
  • TechLaw: Hindsight is 2020, Arizona Law, Feb. 2021, Panelist
  • The Fate of Donald Trump on Facebook, R Street, Feb. 2021, Panelist

Professor Klonick was also a guest lecturer for classes at Yale Law School, Columbia Journalism School, and Northwestern University Law School. Additionally, she was a visiting professor for the semester at Cornell Tech, teaching Professor James Grimmelmann’s Internet Law Class to a joint group of students from Cornell Law School and Cornell Tech’s LLM program.

In February she published an article in the New Yorker on her observation of the Oversight Board formation. This article was the focus of a New Yorker Radio Hour with David Remnick, a Radiolab podcast, and The Weeds Podcast with Matt Yglesias. She also appeared on CBS Saturday Morning and in a CNN/Vox documentary on social media’s rise.

In March, she, along with former Editor-in-Chief of the Guardian Alan Rusbridger gave official witness testimony to the UK’s House of Lords.

In April, she was named a non-resident Fellow at the Brookings Institute.

Since the start of the pandemic, she has co-hosted a daily hour-long live video show with Ben Wittes, Editor in Chief of Lawfare. Guests have included Jim Comey, Chuck Rosenberg, John McWhorter, Kara Swisher, Dahlia Lithwick, Whit Stillman, Rep. Tom Malinowski, Preet Bharara, and SJU Law’s own John Barrett and Jeremy Sheff. The show will soon mark its 400th episode. 

Kate Klonick
Assistant Professor of Law

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