Greenberg Conducts Training as Part of NY’s System-wide ADR Initiative

On October 19th, Professor Elayne E. Greenberg conducted a virtual training entitled “Empowering Parties to Overcome Impasse(s) and Get Past ‘No.'” Professor Greenberg educated about impasse-breaking strategies to use in settlement conferences that will help parties overcome the frequent emotional and structural impasses that prevent cases from settling. The training was attended by judges, their court attorneys, JHOs and ADR program staff representing every Judicial District in NYS. Under Chief Judge Janet DiFiore’s leadership, NYS has adopted a presumptive ADR approach to case management. This training is part of that system-wide initiative.

Elayne E. Greenberg
Assistant Dean for Dispute Resolution Programs
Professor of Legal Practice
Faculty Director, Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution

One Comment to “Greenberg Conducts Training as Part of NY’s System-wide ADR Initiative”

  1. That’s great, Elayne! Congrats!! Jen

    Jennifer Baum Professor of Clinical Legal Education & Director, Child Advocacy Clinic St. Vincent de Paul Legal Program St. John’s University School of Law 8000 Utopia Parkway | Queens, New York 11439 t: 718-990-1424 | f: 718-990-1961 | c: 718-578-2286 SSRN Author page:


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