Wade Presents Many Works, is Interviewed, and is Quoted

Professor Cheryl L. Wade presented her book chapter, Race and the American Corporation: The Rhetoric of Anti-Racism and Diversity in the Twenty-First Century, at a workshop on The Role of Corporations in Social Movements sponsored by The University of Iowa & The Journal of Corporate Law. The chapter will be published in 2022 in The Oxford Handbook of Race and Law in the United States (Oxford University).

She presented another book chapter, Perspectives in Corporate Law (coauthored with Martha Fineman & Anne Choike) at Emory Law School’s workshop on Vulnerability Theory, The Employment Relationship, and The State. This chapter will be published in 2022 in Feminist Judgments: Corporate Law Rewritten (Cambridge University Press). Professor Wade also completed and presented a second chapter that will be published in Feminist Judgments: Corporate Law Rewritten—Commentary on Walkovsky v. Carlton (coauthored with Janis Sarra)—at the Feminist Judgment Series Corporate Law Workshop.

Professor Wade presented her book, Predatory Lending and the Destruction of the African-American Dream (coauthored with Janis Sarra) as the keynote speaker for the Law School Admissions Council. She also presented sections of her book at: two faculty workshops at New York Law School and the University of Arkansas Little Rock Bowen School of Law; three academic conferences sponsored by The University of Houston Law Center, The Berkeley Consumer Advocacy and Protection Society, and the National Association of Consumer Advocates; and for the Faculty of Law, McGill University.

Professor Wade’s book was also featured at an Author Meets Reader Session at the Law & Society Annual Meeting. She discussed her book on Ingrid’s World, a television program produced by Fairfax Public Access. You can see the interview here.

In addition, Professor Wade was a speaker at a launch for a book on climate change, From Ideas to Action: Governance Paths to Net Zero, written by Janis Sarra, for the Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia. She discussed the impact of the climate crisis on communities of color in the U.S. As part of this project, Professor Wade helped to produce and participated in a climate preservation video entitled “Time for Hope: A Song for our Planet in the Face of Climate Crisis” that included several St. John’s Law alumni.

Professor Wade’s law review article, Transforming Discriminatory Corporate Cultures: This Is Not Just Women’s Work, was quoted by a dissenting judge on the State of New York Court of Appeals in Margaret Doe v. Bloomberg, L.P.; Michael Bloomberg (February 11, 2021, No. 8, pages 26-27).  

Finally, Professor Wade has posted several blogs in recent months: Black (Economic) Lives Matter: Confronting Systemic Racism and Exploitation (with Janis Sarra) at Cambridge Reflections; Protesting Racism: Was it a Moment or a Movement? And What Does This Have to Do with Corporate Compliance (Blogpost) for the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement at New York University School of Law; Count the Black Lawyers (Blogpost); Systemic Racism in the Home Mortgage Context: We Don’t Have Time to Notice (Blogpost).

Cheryl L. Wade
Dean Harold F. McNiece Professor of Law

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