Salomone Receives “A Feast” of Praise for Her New Book

“The Downside of English’s Dominance,” an adapted excerpt of Professor Rosemary Salomone’s newly published book, The Rise of English: Global Politics and the Power of Language, was featured in the Review Section of the November 27th edition of the Wall Street Journal. On December 6th, Professor Salomone discussed her book in an interview with the hosts of “Mountain Money” on NPR station KPCW. The book received another favorable review on the blog Sentence First, calling it “thoughtful, timely, [and] deeply researched” and inviting readers to “prepare for a feast.” The December 7th issue of Times Higher Education quoted her in an article on “‘Big Five’ Losing Monopoly on English-Language Degree Courses.”

In addition, Professor Salomone’s commentary, “China and the Geopolitics of Language in Africa,” discussing President Biden’s recent virtual Summit for Africa together with the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held in Dakar, Senegal, appeared in the December 11th issue of University World News. She argues that as China reaches into the hearts and minds of young Africans through its language and education programs, “it exposes them to a worldview that undermines democracy.” She calls on the United Kingdom and the United States to learn from France’s experience, and “refocus and strengthen their relationship with Africa, especially with its youth, while taking care not to reopen wounds from the past.” 

Rosemary Salomone
Kenneth Wang Professor of Law

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